Iowa Falls Demographics and Population DataWe've compiled several demographic and business reports for the Iowa Falls area. Click each link to open and download the PDF report.

2010 Census Profile - Population and household information by race, gender, and age. 

Business Summary - Data for all businesses in the areaby SIC and NAICS codes.

Community Profile - Population, households, families, housing units, income, median age.

Demographic and Income Profile - Population and household trends, households by income, population by age, race and ethnicity, including graphic charts. 

Disposable Income Report - Households by disposable income, disposable income by age of houesholder.

Dominant Tapestry Site Map - Neighborhood segments describing the socioeconomic quality of the immediate neighborhood. 

Executive Summary - Population, age, race and ethnicity, households, mortgage income, household income, per capita income housing.

Graphic Profile - Graphic presentation of population by race, population by age, households, home value, annual growth rate, household income. 

House and Home Expenditures - Spending potential for dwellings, household supplies and textiles, appliances, furniture and equipment. 

Household Budget Expenditures - Average amount spent on food, housing, apparel, transportation, health care and other types of products and services. 

Household Income Profile - Households by income level. 

Housing Profile - Housing values, mortgage status, home ownership, race and ethnicity.

Market Profile - Household and population information trend and forecast 2010, 2019 and 2024.

Retail Goods and Services Expenditures - Spending potential and average amount spent for various goods and sevices. 

Retail Market Potential - Number of adults and households purchasing products or other consumer behavior.

Retail Marketplace Profile - Demand, supply and gap for various industry groups and NAICS codes.

Time Series Profile - Population, households, housing units by year 2010-2019.

Traffic Count Map - Average daily traffic volume


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