Photo of welding at an Iowa Falls manufacturerIowa Falls is home to a variety of manufacturing firms, from pre-stressed concrete bridge beams to technical high pressure and heat composite gaskets, the ingenuity here is unparalleled.

Light Manufacturing Businesses in Iowa Falls

Cam Spray - Manufacturer of high-pressure washers, sewer and drain jets

Plastic Recycling of Iowa Falls - Manufacturer of plastic products from recycled materials

Forterra Pipe - Manufacturer of concrete pipe and precast products

Metal Tech Industries - Manufacturer of composite gaskets for high temp & pressure application

Zoske's Sales and Service – Manufacturer of a variety of agricultural products and dealer for Jamesway, JBS, Meyer’s, Meyer, Balzer, Yetter, Demco and Country Clipper products. 

Central Iowa FabricationAgricultural and custom manufacturing

POET Biorefining - 115-million-gallon ethanol plant

Cargill - Soybean crush, meal and biodiesel facility

Times Citizen Communications - one of the state's most decorated media organizations and partners with ag publications throughout the United States including Iowa Farm Bureau for marketing and printing millions of impressions each month.


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