Business and Economic Development Services

Our services are provided to companies/organizations that are currently located in the Iowa Falls area or who are looking to relocate to the Iowa Falls area. 

Economic Development ServicesEconomic Development Services

When it comes to business expansion, we can quickly and accurately provide information essential to any site location decision. We recognize that reliable and comprehensive data is a priority of any site selector or business decision-maker. That’s why we have incorporated the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) Data Standards into our available property section. To access this information please visit our available buildings and available sites pages. 

Business Services

WeldingFinancial Packaging Assistance

One of the IFADC’s strengths is our partnerships and relationships that can assist companies with filling the financing gap. We accomplish this by connecting clients with our local lending institutions and strategic partners devoted to seeing the Iowa Falls area grow.

Permitting Assistance

Our extensive project work has enabled us to work closely with departments of state and federal government that require permits for facility construction and new business operation. We will gladly assist your project with any permitting assistance you may require.

New Technologies

Because of today’s rapidly changing business environment, we maintain relationships with area universities and industry-focused trade organizations to provide our industries with the most up-to-date technological innovations and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Energy Efficiency Opportunities

In today’s markets, running an efficient business is critical to the bottom line. We work to connect our area industries and businesses with our partner utilities to provide access to capital and rebates that promote energy efficiency.

Community Development Projects

In addition to our services provided to business & industry, we are also committed to seeing the success of our community improvement and investment projects. We recognize the importance of quality of life for our area industries and their employees. Because of that, we work closely with these groups to ensure they are tapped into opportunities provided by national and state agencies and NGO’s outside the area.

Regulatory & Legislative Monitoring

Through our partner organizations, we are able to inform local businesses of changes in regulatory and legislative policy that may affect their businesses and employees.

IFADC Revolving Loan Fund (RLF)

The Revolving Loan Fund is a local funding source to provide low-interest loans to assist with local economic and business development projects. These monies are generally for gap financing, working with a local bank to cover unmet need in the financing package. This fund is administered by the IFADC Revolving Loan Fund Committee, consisting of local business people dedicated to the growth of businesses in the Iowa Falls Area.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.


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