Business Continuity Planning Seminar

Tuesday September 26th 2023 08:00 am - Tuesday September 26th 2023 09:00 am
Ellsworth College Ag & Renewable Cener, Room 110, 705 Ellsworth Ave., Iowa Falls, 705 Ellsworth Ave, Iowa Falls, Iowa
Mark Buschkamp at 641-373-3455

Business Continuity Planning Seminar

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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Ellsworth College Ag & Renewable Center, Room 110, 705 Ellsworth Ave, Iowa Falls, Iowa

Seminar begins at 8 am and will last about an hour depending on questions.

Mark Buschkamp 641-373-3455
Deb Crosser 641-373-0114

Disruptions such as accidents, health concerns, personal issues, or even a pandemic can happen to all of us. But when this falls on the business owner, financial instability can be compounded. Join us to learn how to plan for a successful future by safeguarding your business continuity and keeping the doors open.

Every business owner or manager should have a plan for what happens if you can’t be there for an extended period of time. Who makes decisions? What roles will individuals assume? Acquire the knowledge to design a resilient and prosperous future by shielding your business from unforeseen disruptions due to a key absence.

Learn how to plan for a secure and successful future by safeguarding your business from an unexpected absence and what to consider for the eventual transition of the business. These are essential questions that warrant review and proactive preparation from every owner.

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