Plastic Recycling of Iowa Falls Continues to Grow - Adds New Equipment/Jobs

Recycled Plastic Park Bench

Plastics Recycling of Iowa Falls continues to grow in spite of the pandemic and material shortages. Recently the company purchased a new grinder that will grind large pieces of plastic.

Plastics Recycling runs 24-hour shifts six days a week and employs around 60 people. They are currently in the process of adding an eighth melting, molding, and cooling line and hope to add four to six more employees. Hoffman says the new grinder will allow them to grind larger pieces of industrial waste and will save them time allowing them to be more efficient.

Plastics Recycling of Iowa Falls manufactures environmentally sustainable products from recycled plastic. Products manufactured include plastic skids, pallets, park benches, picnic tables, trash receptacles, planters, speed bumps, ballards, plastic lumber, and custom thick-wall molding applications for industrial businesses.

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