High Speed Fiber will be Good for Business in Iowa Falls!

MetroNet logo

Fiber is coming to Iowa Falls! Iowa Falls Area Development has been working for some time to improve internet services in Iowa Falls. During visits to local businesses conducted by Mark Buschkamp, Executive Director of Iowa Falls Area Development, (IFADC) internet reliability and speed often come up as Mark has reached out to several providers without success. Then MetroNet came into the picture.

Internet reliability and speed is something that needs improvement. Unreliable or slow internet can create problems for business and those individuals who work remotely. This will no longer be a concern for Iowa Falls businesses or its citizens. Fiber to the home and to the business will keep Iowa Falls a viable choice to live and do business in. It will also be a draw in attracting new businesses and residents, including remote workers We welcome the possibilities as MetroNet begins their infrastructure work. Welcome to Iowa Falls!

Read the full article by Sara Konrad Baranowski in the Times Citizen