Eldora company to open IF site by 2013

September 19, 2012
By Corey Meints

United Suppliers is an Eldora company that has made good. Since 1963, the ag-retail owned cooperative has specialized in distributing crop protection products and nutrients to customers throughout a 20-state area and in Canada. The company has done so while growing to 30 crop protection and 20 crop nutrient distribution points. Soon, US officials will be working out of another location as the company, which has 800 owners, expands into Iowa Falls.

The expansion is nothing new, according to Dave Hoyt, the commercial manager in charge of public warehousing. Hoyt, who is also a business analyst for the crop protection wing, said the Eldora facility expands often to meet the growing needs of its members. As the need and opportunity arises, new locations are added for both wings of the company.

With the closing of CMC Joist in Iowa Falls two years ago, the site on the northeast side of town has sat empty. US has been busy retrofitting it to fit its own needs since the purchase was finalized in July. That includes reinforcing the floor, installing more doors and opening the space up. Hoyt said company officials began researching the property in January after realizing a need for more warehousing for US clients. The company also needed reliable rail service — all of which the former CMC site offers.

“It allows us to expand our public warehousing business while being close to our home office,” Hoyt said. “For our customers, it means that they will have a location where they can ship products by rail as well as by truck for storage.”

Hoyt said US has entered into an alliance with another company to provide services to current clients that US currently does not offer. That includes a tank truck and rail car cleaning facility and a mini bulk recycling center. While there will only be four employees at the Iowa Falls site to begin with, Hoyt anticipates that number will grow. Above all, Hoyt said he and US officials are happy to fill the vacated building and get it back to the tax rolls. Hoyt is also pleased with the assistance US received from the city.

“The assistance of (IFADC Director) Cindy Litwiller has been extremely helpful and her work was instrumental in us deciding to purchase the site,” he said. “The city has been very willing to work with us. (City Manager) Jody Anderson, (City Clerk) Jon Kies, (Building and Zoning Director) Elvin VanKooten and (Fire Chief) Rick Gustin have been very helpful in guiding us to ensure we have met all the city and state codes. “We feel very fortunate to find this property,” Hoyt added. “It provides us the rail service we were looking for, as well as room for expansion as we continue to grow.” The company hopes to be open by Jan. 1.

For more information, contact Corey Meints at mmeints@iafalls.com.