Ribbon cut at Hansen Family Hospital


The ribbon cutting at Hansen Family Hospital Thursday afternoon didn’t open the facility, but it did provide a second bookend to ceremonially complete the process that was started by a Groundbreaking in June 2012.

Government, business and community leaders from throughout Hardin County, and EMH employees crowded into the main lobby of the new hospital for a brief ceremony that was conducted from a podium in front of the large stone fireplace.

Hospital CEO Cherelle Montanye, who was introduced by Hospital Board of Trustees Chairman Steve Howard as “absolutely fantastic” shined a spotlight on the hospital’s employees.“Our staff has been very focused through their part of the journey on what do they need to do for the best patient care that we can provide in Hardin County,” Montanye told the audience. “They have worked tirelessly with everyone to design the building that we believe is going to be very efficient, going to be cost effective and take very good care of patients.”

Montanye said this week, which began with public tours on Monday and Tuesday, has been a highlight for the employees.

“We were able to open up your new hospital — Hansen Family Hospital — to the community for tours and to be able to share our excitement and for the first time to see and hear what you all think about it,” she said.

Howard used his speech to thank the myriad of people who have helped make the hospital a reality, from the voters, who narrowly approved a referendum in November 2011, to the Hardin County Board of Supervisors and Iowa Falls City Council for providing bonding capacity. Howard also thanked Ackley State Bank and Green Belt Bank & Trust for their bond purchases, and all of the donors.

“I think about when we did our groundbreaking and we had, at the time, 8-year-old, now 10-year old Zoey Carter, a fourth-graderwho emptied out her piggy bank and gave that,” Howard said, “all the way up to the $1.5 million very generous donation of Jeff and Deb Hansen. It’s just that wide range put together that made this happen.”

The hospital will not officially open for patient care until Sunday, April 27. At 6 a.m. on that date, the old hospital will close and the new hospital will open. Montanye said she hopes the tradition of quality care at Ellsworth Municipal Hospital will continue at Hansen Family Hospital.

“One of the benefits to being new to the area . . . I have had the opportunity to hear from our patients and members of the community about all the care that’s been provided and the generations that have received that care at our current facility at EMH,” she said. “And our hope and commitment is that those caregivers are coming here to provide that same level of care for everybody today and many generations to come.”

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