Iowa Falls Area Development Corporation

Opportunity awaits in Iowa Falls as we invite you to view what the progressive community of Iowa Falls has to offer you, your family, and your business.

Iowa Falls Area Development Corporation (IFADC) is ready to assist you and your organization with economic development and through the site selection process.

Located in north central Iowa on U.S. 65, Iowa Falls is adjacent to four-lane U.S. 20 and only 20 minutes east of I-35.

Site options are available that have potential to provide you with dual rail accessibility, as well as, direct four-lane access.

home_CertifiedSite_ColorIFADC Awarded Site Certification for Iowa Falls / Hardin County Industrial Park.

Site Conceptual Layout

Virtual Spec Building
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Flying to Iowa Falls on business? An Airport Hangar and vehicle are available for your use, courtesy of Iowa Falls State Bank. Registration has been made easy by going to KIFA at the bottom of the Iowa Falls State Bank home page.

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2014 Comprehensive Housing Need Analysis

Mid Iowa Growth Partnership